Spring photos

A little taste of what felt like summer over the weekend was fantastic, and all around we are beginning to see colourful signs of the arrival of spring.  Now is a great time to think about booking in for an outdoors photo session, where the natural world becomes your backdrop, rather than the confines of a studio.  Right now we have crocuses and snowdrops all around, April is great for Spring daffodils and of course the end of April and early May are when the beautiful bluebells make an appearance.   An outdoor or lifestyle shoot will be quite individual, according to your choice of location and the ever changing colours and textures of the setting.  Below are a few images from families taken last year – if you think that outdoor photos rather than studio might suit you or your family, then do contact me to chat about locations and dates.



Teen photoshoot parties

Teen photoshoot parties continue to be really in demand, with 13-14 year olds the most popular age at which to do them.  They are a lovely idea for teenagers who are looking for something different.  I offer a photoshoot party for 4-8 girls at my home studio which means that I can do both “lifestyle” photos in the garden as well as studio photos.  Teens usually bring a selection of outfits from casual outfits to party dresses to pyjamas.  Depending on the age and preference of the guests I can tailor the shoot accordingly – some like more individual or fashion style photos while others prefer to do more of the group fun and silly photos.  There is generally plenty of time to accommodate a bit of both so that everyone gets a variety of photos both of themselves individually as well as with their friends.  I have a variety of props in the studio which we can incorporate into the shoot or groups can bring their own things along.  And if the girls are looking for some special treatment then I can arrange a make up artist to come along to make them look and feel gorgeous before their photos.



Website Photography

Eye-catching website photography is your big opportunity to make a big impact.  These days no-one refers to a Yellow Pages or Thomsons when looking up a business or service – in fact, I am guessing that many people under the age of twenty wouldn’t even recognise those directories.  We know it’s all about the internet now, so having strong website photography is absolutely essential in ensuring that visitors to your website are tempted to stay longer and investigate further.   The first part of this process is to ensure you have a fabulous corporate headshot – this can be used not only on your website but also on social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc.  Often these images will appear quite small on a site, so it is key that the image used is clear and uncluttered.


The headshots don’t have to be studio images – a location image might well be more appropriate and particularly if it is to be used on the website, images of the business owner in his or her own environment will give the viewer a better feel for what the business is all about.

And then of course, website photography itself might include product images as well as activities.  Prior to any corporate headshot or website photography session I would discuss with you what your business is all about, and what you hope to portray on your website so that I can then decide on the best way to capture that imagery.  This might be anything from picture framing –  like at Bespoke framing …..

…. to Giardini yoga


to Nordic Walking with Michelle Johns


to pictures of children tearing down a slide at the indoor play barn at Odds Farm Park

If you are interested in discussing your website photography or corporate headshot needs with me then do please get in touch.


Teenage photoshoot parties Buckinghamshire

Teenage photoshoot parties continue to be as popular as ever.  Bored of the swimming parties, discos, cinema outings etc?  This could be the solution – it’s a chance to have some fun and laughs with friends, and to have it all captured on camera.  The parties are held at my home studio which gives us the opportunity to do some beautiful portraits of everyone, both in the garden and also in the studio.  Photographs in the garden provide a totally different feel to the studio photos – the setting changes with the seasons, and at the moment it’s beautiful with bluebells and rhododendrons adding colour to the background.

After the photos in the garden we move inside when it is usually time for a change of outfit and some group photos – these can be as fun or as silly as you like.  Some groups like to bring their own props along which is fantastic, or you can use my selection of hats, feather boas, tutus etc to add a splash of colour to your photos.  The girls will have use of a room in which to change, listen to music and enjoy the drinks and snacks I provide.  I can also arrange for a make up artist if you would like one but this is not necessary if you prefer to be free to do your own thing!

There is usually still time for another outfit change and more photos – these can be group photos of everyone, or more individual portraits.  After the party, the birthday girl receives a fantastic photobook with a BIG selection of images – so she has a lasting memory of the day itself.  Each of the guests receives a group photo in a folder mount, and the images are all available to view in a passworded web gallery should anyone wish to buy further images.  If you are interested in a photoshoot party for yourself or your daughter, then do get in touch.  My weekends do tend to get booked up quite a few months in advance, so do contact me to discuss your preferred dates and reserve if appropriate.  Weekday parties are also an option during the summer holidays.






Photography in Fuerteventura

Last week I was lucky enough to escape the chilly British weather and head for the sun.  Working as a self employed portrait photographer means that I am responsible for my own training and development and there are so many different ways of staying up to date with new developments and improving my photography.  I love the odd trade show (I’m a geek at heart), need to know the technical stuff (sometimes), but nothing quite beats getting out there with your camera and actually shooting.  Which is exactly what I did last week.   I have heard Damien Lovegrove speak at a number of seminars and trade shows and love his photography, so booked onto a workshop with him, a gorgeous model and of course some fellow photographers.  Further details of the Lovegrove training courses can be found on his website – he offers a huge range of training and I hope to sample some more of it in the future:  Lovegrove training site.

The adventure started at Stansted where I discovered that taking all your camera kit away and flying RyanAir are two things that should not be mixed – I certainly won’t be doing that again.  But once the flight was behind us it was fantastic to actually arrive in what felt like a different world.  What a treat!  Not just leaving the threat of snow in the UK for hot sunny weather, but the chance to explore the dramatic locations that Fuerteventura has to offer and to experiment with different lighting techniques.  We were lucky enough to have the beautiful Carla Monaco modelling for us – she had a lot of big cameras pointing at her all day but took it with good grace and made it all look very easy.  Different locations, different clothes, different poses, and always a camera on her, she was a star.  Carla Monaco’s website.  It might sound glamorous being a model, but this is what it was really like!

The landscape varied from deserted sand dunes to dramatic windswept beaches and deserted buildings which provided a wealth of opportunity for us.  My focus was mainly on portrait photography as that is what I naturally find myself seeking from an image, but there were also some fabulous “wide” shots to be had to take in the location and setting.  Here are just a few:




F a c e b o o k
T w i t t e r