Photos in the bluebells

A taste of summer at the weekend and the first bluebells are already starting to flower – hooray!  I love to get into the bluebell woods to combine the natural beauty of these spring flowers with family photo sessions .. or just the kids for those shy parents out there.   One of my favourite shots of all is the one of my daughter in a green dress in the bluebells which I tend to use on a lot of my marketing.  This year the bluebells will be at their best in a week or so and I am currently taking bookings for bluebell shoots up until early May when they will be past their peak – it’s not a big window of opportunity but I can do sessions after school to capture the lovely evening light as well as at weekends.

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Photos with the family pet

What is it they say?  Never work with animals and children?!  One of the great things about my job is that I get to work with such a range of  clients – from corporate executives for business headshots, to families with animals and children, to teenagers or product shots.   After a few days of chasing toddlers round at a nursery, some product photography can be just what I need!   Often when photographing families, I get asked if I can take photos of the family pet as well – they are very much part of the family after all.  In the past this has included rabbits, cats, dogs and even the odd horse!  Needless to say, not all these shoots take place in my Beaconsfield studio and I think that animals are usually better photographed in the great outdoors where we will have the best opportunity of creating natural shots.

Adding an animal to the shoot will also change the whole dynamics of the session and provides a great diversion for camera shy children who can focus on playing or engaging with the animals involved rather than worrying about what I am up to and this can result in beautiful natural imagery that really evokes the relationships involved.



Commercial Photography

Commercial photography comes in many shapes and forms – from headshots to product photography to events, and this post explores commercial photography for companies offering with a  service proposition.  This can sometimes be more difficult to demonstrate than a physical product as the end result is somewhat intangible.  Often it is about conveying a feeling or emotion or a change in behaviour which makes the imagery less obvious in terms of what is required.  I was delighted to be asked to take photographs for Partners With You, a company offering Communication training.  They combine a passion for effective communication with experience in drama and presenting to assist business men and women in all aspects of communication – everything from pitching for business to elevator pitches to interview presentations.  We had great fun taking the photos for this shoot, trying to convey a variety of different emotions that might be experienced in the workplace.


Another recent client has been the Independent Education Consultants, who offer “timely advice for parents on all aspects of education. From choosing a school, assessment of special needs, transition at 7+, 11+, 13+ and 16+ to career planning and applying to university.”  For this shoot we gathered together a selection of children aged from 4 to 18 and had a great afternoon shooting all sorts of activities from football to lacrosse, reading, chilling, as well as some more posed shots for the ‘results day’ shot.




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Jenny – thank you – we love the pictures and are getting some excellent use from them!

Product Photography

Alongside requests for family portraits and teen photoshoots, I often get asked to provide imagery for websites or brochures.  There are many different kinds of commercial photography ranging from corporate headshots to product photography to event photography and building a social media profile, so I thought I would do a few blog posts on the different aspects of Commercial Photography, starting with Product Photography.

With the increasing reliance we all place on the internet as our source of information, clearly the imagery that represents your product is critical in terms of conveying not only the essential information and key features or specifications of the product, but also the brand.  It is both the FACTS that people want to see, but also the FEEL of the product, and the challenge is to convey all this information without the help of a real life sales assistant on hand to demonstrate or explain the benefits.

Below are some screenshots from MagiDesign, a small company creating beautiful cards and stationery that I photographed.  These were taken using studio lighting on a white background so that the imagery could be placed on a white background.  It’s harder than it looks to get the perspectives, layout and composition just right!

Whilst technical competence is a pre-requisite, strong attention to detail as well as a good eye are essential to convey the right image and message.   Lighting for product photography is key, whether this is in a studio or on location at client premises or elsewhere as this provides a powerful tool in creating the right atmosphere.   Studio lighting can be used to create crisp clean imagery on a white background which can be used for catalogue layout, or to create drama and mood in an image.

But it’s not all cakes and cards!  Sometimes I get asked to do larger products – like houses!  You may have noticed that sometimes it is difficult to get really good photos of rooms or houses – they don’t always seem to look quite right in camera compared to what the naked eye sees, particularly when it comes to perspectives and keeping the uprights upright.  Our brain automatically combines the images received from each eye to provide us with something that makes sense – while the camera simply records.


Christening Photos in Beaconsfield

I was delighted to be asked to take photos at a Christening at St Mary’s Church in Beaconsfield Old Town earlier this year.  It was little Evie’s special day and she was the best behaved little girl imaginable which was lovely.  The ceremony was shared with another family but was very relaxed and informal, a real family occasion.   I was able to capture the details of the day so that the family have a lasting record of their celebrations – on this occasion they were keen to have their Christening photos as digital files.

After the church service the celebrations for the Christening moved to Stoke Park, a beautiful setting not far from Beaconsfield.  Blessed by beautiful weather, it meant that during the afternoon the guests could enjoy the stunning grounds and the kids could let off a bit of steam outside.


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